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The Sidekick Live Learning Solution

The Sidekick Live Learning Solution provides subject matter experts in businesses everything they need to become great workforce educators and to help companies retain the 48% of talent who would leave their company for better learning opportunities.

Sidekick uses a three component approach to empower companies to retain talent without hiring new learning and development experts:

  • Sidekick Live Learning Platform supports virtual, in person, and hybrid training;
  • Sidekick Course Development built from your company content by the Sidekick team; and
  • Sidekick Facilitator Hero Program to support your employees to be great trainers.

Using this approach, Sidekick helps companies go from zero structure to learning and development heroes in as little as a quarter of the time it takes to develop custom eLearning.

Take A Look Inside Sidekick

Sidekick has already proven it can solve problems for our early adopters. With Sidekick’s new V1 feature set we are excited to take learning and engagement to the next level.

“With the Sidekick platform, we’ve seen a 200% increase in volunteer participation of the training”

Rebecca White, CEO, Engineers of Tomorrow

Sidekick Playbooks

Sidekick Event Playbooks are structured, clonable events, created by the Sidekick Team that provide a quick and easy starting point for clients looking to create their own engaging learning events.

Customers can easily search through the Sidekick Playbook Library and clone an event, complete with customizable engagement features, slide decks, facilitator guides, and learner materials.

In just minutes - you can be ready to run an event optimized for adult learning.

Sidekick Games

Sidekick games can be launched at the click of the button to spark delight coming back from break or to enhance learning.

Each game includes a leaderboard that reports individual and group performance, after playing to improve learning and engagement. 

Data Visualizations

After an event, Sidekick’s data visualizations help companies to measure progress and drive better workplace learning.

Sidekick’s Learning Engagement Score shows companies how learners have participated in an event and provides data from learning assessments.

By drilling down into the engagement details facilitators can see where participants engaged and how accurately they’ve answered questions throughout the event.

With this data companies have what they need to optimize their professional learning and training events.


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