Bridging the Gap: How Hybrid Live Learning Combines the Best of Both Worlds

July 4, 2023

77% of US companies use online learning. Online learning has become increasingly popular over the past few years in the world of training and professional development.

While the convenience and accessibility of online courses are undeniable, many learners and professionals still crave the in-person interaction and collaboration that traditional classroom settings provide. That’s where hybrid live learning comes in, combining the best of both worlds. 

By combining the flexibility and convenience of online learning with the engagement and collaboration of in-person classes, hybrid live learning bridges the gap between the two and offers a unique and effective learning experience. 

Four adults sitting around a table in a hybrid learning event.

Hybrid Live Learning Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Benefits of Hybrid Live Learning


Hybrid live learning offers numerous benefits for both learners and trainers, including flexibility. With hybrid live learning, learners have the opportunity to attend in-person or virtual classes and interact with their peers. This allows learners opportunities for professional development while still having the flexibility to balance their lives more effectively – something 97% of employees are looking for.

Personalized Learning

Another advantage of hybrid live learning is that it provides a personalized learning experience. In-person and virtual live learning events provide opportunities for collaboration with other learners and allow for immediate feedback from trainers and coworkers. Hybrid live learning combines the best of both worlds, allowing learners to learn what they need, and benefit from face-to-face interaction and feedback from subject matter experts (SMEs).

Cost Savings

Hybrid live learning also offers cost savings. With online learning, companies save on the logistical expenses of transport, venue, and accommodation. In addition, the right technology can provide you with the tools and support to replicate training events using the same learning materials and resources. 

Designing a Hybrid Live Learning Program

Designing a successful hybrid live learning program requires careful planning and consideration of the needs of both learners and the business. Here are some key factors to consider when designing a hybrid live learning program:

Learning Objectives

The first step in designing a hybrid live learning program is to identify the learning objectives. What do learners need to know and be able to do by the end of the program? This will guide the creation of course materials and activities.

Course Materials

Learning materials should be based on the learning objectives and the needs of the learners. The course’s learning objectives will help ensure you include only ‘need to know’ instead of ‘nice to know’ content. Online learning content should be accessible and easy to navigate, engaging, and interactive.


Activities should be designed to promote engagement and collaboration. They should take advantage of face-to-face interaction, and promote exploration and reflection.


Technology plays a key role in hybrid learning. The platforms used should provide the instructional tools, structures, and strategies needed to create inspiring learning events that facilitate collaboration between those learning on-site, and those learning remotely.

Technology for Hybrid Live Learning

Technology should support not hinder the creation, scheduling, and delivery of hybrid live learning. Sidekick is a one-stop SaaS solution that enables any company to create and replicate custom, gamified, high-impact professional learning experiences for hybrid teams. 

  • The Sidekick Platform allows companies to host engaging, structured, hybrid live learning experiences with any video conferencing platform. 
  • The Sidekick Live Learning Library houses custom courses built for clients each quarter using their subject matter expertise. 
  • Sidekick Facilitator Pro-Tips are built into each training experience to help any employee learn to be a winning workforce educator.

Best Practices for Successful Hybrid Live Learning

Text: Best Practices for Successful Hybrid Live Learning. Communicate expectations; provide feedback; create a sense of community; match learning outcomes to appropriate activities. Background graphic is a touch screen showing icons and words in hexagonal shapes.

Best Practices for Successful Hybrid Live Learning

Communicate Expectations

Clear communication is essential for successful hybrid live learning. Learners should be informed of the expectations for participation, attendance, and deadlines.

Provide Feedback

Providing timely and constructive feedback is essential for learner progress. Instructors and SMEs should provide feedback that allows learners to engage in further discussion and learn from not only the responses to their questions but also from the process of peer-to-peer learning.  

Create a Sense of Community

Creating a sense of community is important for learner engagement and motivation. Instructors should encourage interaction and collaboration among learners. Collaborative learning also helps employees learn from one another’s experiences and find alternative approaches to challenges they may be facing.  

Match learning outcomes to appropriate activities

Consider the learning outcome you want to achieve or the problem you’re attempting to solve. If the problem involves empathetically taking multiple perspectives, a nuanced context, or building team buy-in, hybrid live learning is your friend. Sales and leadership training often involves problems where attending to the human dimensions of life and work is incredibly important. This doesn’t easily translate into an eLearning module.

Working through case studies, complex business problems, and scenarios where knowledge is applied by team members is an excellent use of live learning time to develop critical thinking and soft skills.

Measuring the Success of Hybrid Live Learning

Measuring success in hybrid live learning requires careful consideration of the business goals, learning objectives, and the needs of the learners. Here are some ways to measure success in hybrid live learning:

Interactive Activities and Gamified Learning

Participation in interactive activities and gamified learning during hybrid live learning events allows the facilitator to determine whether learners are engaged in the learning in real time. If learners aren’t responding to polls and quizzes, and aren’t participating in the games and other activities, the trainer may decide to change tack to help learners meet the learning outcomes.


Assessments can be used to measure learner progress and achievement of learning objectives. They can also identify areas where learners may need additional support. Assessments can take on different forms, from written knowledge checks to gauge understanding, to simulations and performance assessments that determine whether learning has translated into behaviour change. 

Learner Feedback

Learner feedback can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the program. Trainers should give learners opportunities to provide feedback throughout the program regarding learning elements.

Next Steps

Hybrid live learning offers a unique and effective learning experience, combining the best of both in-person and online learning. By providing flexibility, engagement, and cost savings, hybrid live learning is becoming an increasingly popular option for learners and educators alike. With careful planning and consideration of the needs of learners, hybrid live learning can be a successful and rewarding experience for all involved.

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