Sidekick Creates Efficient and Engaging Events for Educators

March 27, 2023

Who is Littératout?

                                                                            Littératout logo

Littératout is a Canadian EdTech company that develops and produces quality educational resources, promoting student success in literacy, while encouraging their motivation. 

Littératout content is designed by a team of qualified and experienced educators who create material using an active pedagogical approach. Their learning resources are aligned with most Canadian educational programs. 

The Training Challenge

Littératout offers professional development workshops to their clients as a way to engage with them in a meaningful way. Teachers have a heavy workload and very little time, so touch points between Littératout and their teacher clients must be intentional and meaningful. 

How did Sidekick Help?

The Sidekick platform’s engagement features like quizzes and breakout rooms helped Littératout create fun and engaging events for their clients. Sidekick supported Littératout in creating professional development workshops that are efficient and engaging for teachers, all while streamlining the overhead of running multiple events each year.