Sidekick Makes a Smashing Debut at Collision

July 6, 2022


1,557 Startups. 35,000+ attendees. Billed as one of the largest tech conferences in the world, Collision 2022 didn’t disappoint. With over 130 countries represented, it was truly a global event. 


Sidekick CEO, Ben Zimmer, presenting on Collision's Startup Showcase Stage. Smiling and holding a microphone.


Like many conferences, 2022 was Collision’s return to an in-person experience after a two-year hiatus. For many in the tech community, it was the first real opportunity to reconnect. 

Along with this being our first in-person conference in over two years, Collision was also Sidekick’s first major introduction to the world, as we participated as an exhibitor and a presenter at the event. 

The Sidekick team was delighted to be among a handful of startups selected to participate in Collision’s Startup Showcase. The Showcase gave high-potential startups the opportunity to present their solutions to the Collision audience. 

Sidekick CEO Ben Zimmer took to the stage to talk about the impact Sidekick can have on the one key factor driving the employee retention problem for time-strapped startups, professional development. 

Forbes says that 45% of your employees would have stayed if there were better professional development experiences.” - Ben Zimmer, CEO Sidekick Training



Ben spoke about Sidekick’s unique Playbooks or templates that provide startup leaders with an effective shortcut to delivering meaningful professional development experiences. 

“Sidekick enables you to deliver rich, engaging learning experiences to your distributed teams tomorrow . And you’ll know it’s working, with full visibility through our data collection and reporting.”

Ben’s message, aligning closely to the prevailing employee empowerment narrative that dominated the week, resonated with the Collision attendees. 

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