Sidekick is a one-stop SaaS solution that enables any company to create, gamify, customize, and replicate high-impact live professional learning experiences within distributed teams.

Sidekick uses a three step approach. First, Sidekick Training provides companies with the Sidekick platform, which pairs Zoom with the tools needed to optimize existing/current adult learning and training with gamification, innovative engagement features, and data analytics. Second, the Sidekick team builds new custom courses and virtual instructor-led workshops for clients each quarter using companies’ existing content and expertise. Finally, Sidekick provides the facilitator training and pro-tips needed for employees to run Sidekick training events effectively.

Sidekick Playbooks

Sidekick Event Playbooks are structured, clonable events, created by the Sidekick Team that provide a quick and easy starting point for clients looking to create their own content.

Customers can easily search through the Sidekick Playbook Library and clone an event, complete with customizable engagement features, slide decks, a facilitator guide, and learner materials.

Data Visualizations

After an event, Sidekick’s Learning Engagement Score shows companies how learners have participated in an event and provides data from assessments of learning.

By drilling down into the engagement details you can see where participants engaged and how accurately they’ve answered questions. Presenters can also see which questions participants have mastered and struggled to answer correctly to improve their teaching.

Ever wonder who was in an event or for how long? When they entered and exited? Sidekick’s Attendance Score and Timeline provide you with that data.

Sidekick Games

Sidekick games can be launched at the click of the button to spark delight coming back from break or to enhance learning. Each game includes a leaderboard and generates data that can be analyzed after the event.

We know quizzing can provide useful information and support learning. We’ve amplified the power of these features by giving presenters the option of building quizzes into a gamified Escape Room experience.

The Sidekick V1 Escape Room challenges teams to work together to answer questions accurately and quickly to unlock the door to the virtual room. To unlock the door the majority in the group need to answer the question correctly in the time set by the event organizer.

Each game has a leaderboard that reports out the success of team members and top performers in the group. Presenters can review this data to adjust their facilitation and teaching.

Sidekick is the only agile learning platform with playbooks, data analytics, and gamification optimized to support adult learning. Alongside these new tools, clients will receive quarterly custom content and facilitator training to leverage turn up the volume in their live learning events.


In addition to an integrated suite of games, Sidekick includes additional gamifications features that enhance engagement and learning. The polling feature can be used to get real-time feedback from participants to assess their understanding of a topic. Reflective questions are important in learning design to help learners make sense of the content in relation to themselves. The participant spinner is a great tool for selecting learners to randomly provide feedback or answer a question. The added gamification helps to break the ice and adds a little lightheartedness to the learning experience.

We recommend you use the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on Microsoft Windows, Mac or Linux systems

Content development refers to the application of adult learning principles and instructional design best practices to companies’ existing content into effective live learning experiences. This includes structuring the content into easy-to-consume learning chunks, building engagement activities into the learning.