Meet the Sidekick Team

With decades of education, training, learning, and technology experience between us, the Sidekick team is a creative, innovative, and dedicated group of people. As the idea for Sidekick was conceived and began to grow, so did the team behind it. Initially the team consisted only of Enable Education members tasked to an exciting new project. Since then, the Sidekick team has grown and now, these are the people who make it all happen.
Portrait photo of Ben Zimmer

Ben Zimmer
Co-Founder and CEO

Portrait photo of Amy Leask

Amy Leask

Portrait photo of Nick Tanchuk

Nick Tanchuk
Product Manager & LXD

Portrait photo of Dean Mills

Dean Mills
Quality Analyst

Portrait photo of Lukas Reidinger

Lukas Reidinger
Project Manager

Portrait photo of Riley Carter

Riley Carter
Back-End Developer

Portrait photo of Klaudia Maziec

Klaudia Maziec
UX & UI Designer

Portrait photo of Bray Schurman

Bray Schurman
Full Stack Developer

Portrait photo of Justin Morritt

Justin Morritt
Full Stack Dev + Unity

Portrait photo of Simone Wessels-Bloom

Simone Wessels-Bloom

Portrait photo of Samuel Opawale

Samuel Opawale
Senior Full Stack Developer